Warranty phishers call in the evening

The alleged Great Atlantic Warranty/Automotive Warranty Solutions (alleged scumbags), allegedly called my house at 6:30 this evening using “Warranty Division” and the number 732-242-6557 as their alleged CallerID.

I have allegedly filed complaints with the alleged Departments of Justice of the alleged states of Florida and North Carolina. Allegedly they’re on the case. I allegedly have lots of evidence to present to them.

Car warranty phishers get back to work

Thanksgiving is over now and the crooks at Automotive Warranty Solutions have wasted no time in dialing for dollars again. This morning’s call came from 208-844-6519, a number not yet listed on 800notes.com (it is now…heh). I was betting the number was a fake CallerID and I was right.

I’m thinking of calling Automotive Warranty Solutions’s CEO, Ralph Mancusco, at his home number (561) 865-2294 and giving him a piece of my mind. That wouldn’t be right, though.

During a related search, I found a nice writeup in this month’s AARP Bulletin discussing this sleazy company.

Tuscany Industries phishers persist, switch numbers

Despite being hung up on Friday, another Tuscany Industries (or Upgrade Now) car-warranty-expiring phishing call just came in, this time from 208-839-2686. This number, according to Google, is the mobile phone number of a man in White Bird, Indiana – an unlikely phisher. Falsifying their CallerID. Geniuses, real geniuses.

Since you clowns are most likely are reading this, let me tell you your days are numbered. You had a good gig while it lasted but I’m on to you. You’ve pissed me off and I will find you and I will turn the whole state and federal law enforcement teams on to you if that’s what it takes.

Roy Cooper’s office and I will have a conversation about this today. Count on it.

Tracking Phone Phishers

We’ve gotten a few calls from what we’ve taken to be solicitors, judging by their CallerID, and let them go to voicemail. They never leave a message which seems to validate our approach. Today we got a call from a similar number, but this time the CallerID shows a different company. Same result: no message.

Looking for this number on the Internets reveals a number of people have been called by these guys. It appears to be some kind of phishing scam, judging by the comments. The scammers are using the VoIP DIDs of a Las Vegas company, thus the 702-520-xxxx numbers, and likely also manipulating their CallerID information. Whitepages.com shows the numbers belong to a company called Digitcom. At this point, I’m assuming Digitcom knows nothing about the scam, but I’ll give them a call today just to make sure they know.

If you get a call from “Tuscany Industries” or “Insider Events” at 702-520-1122 or 702-520-1117 (or other numbers in the 702-520 exchange), beware. As for myself, I’ve already configured my home phone server to record all interactions with this number. Might be useful for any investigation. Asterisk may be used for fraud as it apparently is in this case, but it can also be used to bust these chumps.

I has the penalty for public services

Oh noes!!1! I got an urgent email today from the Chief of Texas Department of Revenue. It seems I has the penalty for public services, whatever that means. And, differently I’ll obtain court claim. I sure don’t want that happening!

Good morning!
You has the penalty for public services.
Total: $300.70

===Detailed notice is in the attached file===

You gotta check out paper before: August 26th 2014.
Differently you’ll obtain court claim.

Yours truly,
Chief of Texas Department of Revenue.
Jamal Ortiz
+1 (580) 196-17-52

This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

No threats found in this notification.
Checked by BitDefender.

Phishers crack me up.

Did Mitt Romney hack my Facebook account?

Romney Facebook likes (courtesy Centrist Word)

After a 20-year IT career spent keeping the digital bad guys out of the corporate networks I managed, I’ve developed a sharp sense of when something digital isn’t right. Readers of my blog have seen me put this ability to use against phone scam artists, hapless former Nigerian kings, phishers, and other digital vermin.

When I spot something unusual, I am driven to find out as much about it as I can. I enjoy the challenge of uncovering online crooks, exercising my online sleuthing skills to get answers. Something big and unusual caught my attention last week; something no one else seems yet to be talking about.

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t care if I’m the only one to see that the emperor has no clothes. If I am truly convinced that everyone else is missing the truth, I must, must be bold enough to say so. I can’t ignore it. It’s just part of my personality.

With that in mind, let me state this clearly and concisely: Mitt Romney is manipulating his social media numbers. How do I know this? Because Romney’s campaign picked the wrong guy to manipulate.
Continue reading

Scam call from 724-978-8989

Some folks on the Internet are reporting a scam phone call from 724-978-8989, claiming the person called has won $3000 travel dollars or somesuch. I just got a call from the number on my mobile and never heard a thing. For the folks who are finding this from an Internet search, the number shown on your CallerID has been faked. Don’t attempt to drive to Pennsylvania to exact revenge.

It looks like the phone scammers are still at it. My blog has been getting many hits lately for Tuscany Industries. And many searches for warranty scams. Peruse my Meddling category for more of my sleuthing.

Tuscany Industries calling again?

Judging by the huge spike in Internet searches bringing people to my website, it looks as if the scammers hiding behind the fake “Tuscany Industries” Caller ID are back in action. I chronicled my experience with them two years ago in a number of posts, which have now bubbled up to the top of the Google search for Tuscany Industries.

Since the calls for me personally have stopped, I’m not sure what scam is being run now. Is it the “lower your credit card debt” or “OMG your car’s warranty is expiring!!11!” Either way, it doesn’t matter: it serves as a wake up call to me to proceed with my lawsuit against these scumbags.

Yes, I have a good idea where they are. And yes, I’m pissed enough to get a piece of them. Let’s get going.

If you’ve gotten a call from “Tuscany Industries” and interacted with the lowlifes on the other end, drop me a comment here and let me know the scoop. The more info I can gather for the lawsuit, the better.

Phishing attempt is stoped

This just arrived in my inbox. Someone obviously didn’t read my earlier post:

From: “Google-AdWords-Noreply” support at google.com
To: markt at blahblahblah.blah
Subject: Your AdWords Google Account is stoped.

My account is stoped. My God, how could this have happened?

More car warranty

A friend sent a link to an interesting thread about Automotive Warranty Solutions, one of the sketchy Florida-based warranty shops I’ve previously blogged about. Check it out if you get one of those pushy sales calls out of the blue trying to mislead you into parting with $2500.

Oh, and I got yet another email from a friend this morning with more information on the company. Thanks for your contributions, folks!

Incidentally, my blog gets a lot of traffic about this racket. Its probably the biggest search-engine referral I get right now. (Oh, if only one of my siblings had started a web-analytics company and then sold it to Google, I would have a way to track my site statistics.)