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More car warranty

A friend sent a link to an interesting thread about Automotive Warranty Solutions, one of the sketchy Florida-based warranty shops I’ve previously blogged about. Check it out if you get one of those pushy sales calls out of the blue trying to mislead you into parting with $2500.

Oh, and I got yet another email from a friend this morning with more information on the company. Thanks for your contributions, folks!

Incidentally, my blog gets a lot of traffic about this racket. Its probably the biggest search-engine referral I get right now. (Oh, if only one of my siblings had started a web-analytics company and then sold it to Google, I would have a way to track my site statistics.)

  1. My officemate at work just a few minutes ago got an automated call from CA about car warranties and he mentioned another person in the office has said they’re getting calls like that every day! Your posts on this were the first thing I thought of and I showed them to him. Weird.

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