Bucket list

This is my “bucket list” of things I want to do before I go to the bit-bucket in the sky. In no particular order:

Hold elective office
Scuba dive the Caribbean
Perform in a musical
Sail to the Marquesas
Visit Montreal
Visit Prague
Visit Patagonia
Visit Cairo
Get my pilot’s license
Travel through the Panama Canal
Become a grandfather (but not until 2025 at the earliest!)
Sing the national anthem at a sporting event
Visit Capetown
Visit Timbuktu
Make a living using my voice.
Go to clown school.

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  1. Re Raleigh Speedway. Do you if Bill France drive pace car in mid 1950’s, a Chrysler 300? Trying to verify a memory.

  2. I knew Marty at Facsfac San Diego. I was there when he passed away. I was very sad following his death. He was a softspoken and great guy. I was on the John Young from 1990 to 1995.

  3. Hi Bruce. Thanks for checking in. Do you know the cause of Marty’s death by any chance? I’ve heard rumors but nothing definitive. – MT