Tuscany Industries now ‘Alpha Service’

Remember the Tuscany Industries car warranty telephone scam I’ve been following? They’ve now calling from a CallerID claiming to be Alpha Service with the number 702-520-1274, and leaving the toll-free number 877-700-5880. Once again, the pitch is to “extend your car’s warranty.” An MT.Net reader claims these calls originate from Great Atlantic Warranty of South Florida. Wouldn’t surprise me.

If you get calls from these clowns, please report your call at 800notes.com under the appropriate number. And, please, don’t reward these crooks with your money!

Phone phisher pileup

The “Tuscany Industries” group (rumored to be Great Atlantic Warranty) isn’t the only one who is dialing for dollars. For the past few nights, we’ve received calls with CallerID info of 206-415-9148. A look at the ever useful 800notes.com shows that calls claiming to be from this number are designed strictly to leave messages on answering machines. Visitors to 800notes.com note that if the call is answered by anything other than an answering machine, the caller hangs up.

The message tells the recipient (or rather the recipient’s answering machine) that they’ve won two free airline tickets and to call 800-514-1363 with a reference number.
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Another Phishy Call: “Upgrade Now”

Just got another phishy call, this time from number 702-520-1214. This time the CallerID read “Upgrade Now” and a message about satellite TV service began right after I said “hello.” When I asked to be taken off the list, a gentleman transferred me to an AUDIX voicemailbox, where a female voice said “this number will be removed. Sorry for the inconvenience,” or somesuch. Interestingly enough, this gentlemen sounded like the same guy on their system’s voicemail menu. Is this a one-person operation, perhaps?

I kept waiting for AUDIX to hang up but it apparently never does. Thus, I’m going on 12 minutes now tying up this bozo’s trunk, wasting his money.

At least now I know these clowns are using Lucent equipment to run their scam and not Asterisk.