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Another Phishy Call: “Upgrade Now”

Just got another phishy call, this time from number 702-520-1214. This time the CallerID read “Upgrade Now” and a message about satellite TV service began right after I said “hello.” When I asked to be taken off the list, a gentleman transferred me to an AUDIX voicemailbox, where a female voice said “this number will be removed. Sorry for the inconvenience,” or somesuch. Interestingly enough, this gentlemen sounded like the same guy on their system’s voicemail menu. Is this a one-person operation, perhaps?

I kept waiting for AUDIX to hang up but it apparently never does. Thus, I’m going on 12 minutes now tying up this bozo’s trunk, wasting his money.

At least now I know these clowns are using Lucent equipment to run their scam and not Asterisk.