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Tracking Phone Phishers

We’ve gotten a few calls from what we’ve taken to be solicitors, judging by their CallerID, and let them go to voicemail. They never leave a message which seems to validate our approach. Today we got a call from a similar number, but this time the CallerID shows a different company. Same result: no message.

Looking for this number on the Internets reveals a number of people have been called by these guys. It appears to be some kind of phishing scam, judging by the comments. The scammers are using the VoIP DIDs of a Las Vegas company, thus the 702-520-xxxx numbers, and likely also manipulating their CallerID information. shows the numbers belong to a company called Digitcom. At this point, I’m assuming Digitcom knows nothing about the scam, but I’ll give them a call today just to make sure they know.

If you get a call from “Tuscany Industries” or “Insider Events” at 702-520-1122 or 702-520-1117 (or other numbers in the 702-520 exchange), beware. As for myself, I’ve already configured my home phone server to record all interactions with this number. Might be useful for any investigation. Asterisk may be used for fraud as it apparently is in this case, but it can also be used to bust these chumps.

  1. We simply don’t answer the phone unless we are expecting a call, or recognize the callerID. In fact, as soon as fantasy baseball season is over and I can dump Verizon DSL (I accidentally connected my first place team to my Verizon account – can’t quit now) I am seriously considering going with naked DSL from Earthlink, and using my $15 a year fax forwarding / voice mail service as my home phone number. People I want to talk to will have my cell number, everybody else gets the voice mail service.

  2. We don’t use our home phone much either. We actually have set to go to voice mail on 2 rings…

    Thanks for the info about the scam. I hate those people.

  3. To be fair, I haven’t actually spoken with anyone calling from those numbers. I’m just summarizing the comments other users have provided about their experience.

    I hope they call today so I can find out for sure what this is all about. Stay tuned!

  4. Been getting these calls, almost daily. Finally talked with someone there and pretended to be interested in their warranty, and got the company name. It’s Great Atlantic Warranty. When I asked for the #, I was hung up on.

  5. I have received numerous calls from Tuscany….one was even a live voice, female, deep southern accent, telling me to give her the make and model of my car with regard to the warranty…..I laughed at her and said something like “You clowns don’t even know what kind of car I drive” She got angry and slammed the phone down. Tonight’s call from them was from 702-520-1266,

    I think this type of phishing is growing. I also got a call from Winners 4…at 702-520-1271 saying my “area” was selected for FREE SATELLITE.

    Another PEST is AFEATURED SERVICE at 786-363-8113.

    Unknown 310-868-5090 ?? and Unknown 410-968-7971.
    One of these was a credit card offer for lower interest.

    On another note….::: PEOPLE, pay attention. When you sign those little charge receipts that have a space for “TIP”, and you don’t put anything in them….they are likely to show up at your bank for $3 to $10 more than you originally thought you were going to be charged.

    I ordered from Domino’s, and I tipped the delivery guy ‘IN CASH’ because I feel sorry for pizza drivers being underpaid for the wear and tear on their cars. (been there, done that) Anyway, this guy thanked me for my cash tip, and went back to the car and signed in another 20% onto the charge slip.

  6. Found your site after a call from “Insider Events” at 314-558-6681. Call started as a recording regarding expiring auto warranty. Not knowing if this was on my wifes car I listened.

    The recording ended and a man asked for my vehicle info. I suggested he might have that account info based on the phone number he dialed. He said the call was in response to the unanswered post cards in the mail and suggested I just give him the info on my newest vehicle. When I refused and asked to speak with a Manager, he yelled “Get Off My Phone” and hung up. Isn’t that what I was after anyway!

    Based on his beligerance I probably wasted more time but I contacted the FCC to report the call, the name and the events. Curious what he would have done with my auto info in the end. I’m thinking a home phone is a waste of money and time – my cell serves me fine!

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