James Taylor plays Raleigh’s Moore Square

Its strange to see a music star the magnitude of James Taylor play a corner of Moore Square. On the other hand, the unassuming Taylor seemed at home there. The stars align like this maybe once in a million years, so I wasn’t about to let this chance pass me up. My officemate and I played a bit of hookey to see the show.

After catching up on work emails this morning, I took a stroll down to Moore Square a little after 10 to see what was happening. To my surprise, roadies were setting up a modest stage while maybe a dozen fans waited around in the warm morning sun. Then my officemate then called and needed to be let back into the office. Only when I got there did I find out I missed Taylor’s soundcheck by minutes.
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Carowinds Tickets

I’ve got a stack of discount coupons for Carowinds, the Paramount amusement park outside of Charlotte. The coupons are good for $18 off each of up to six full-price tickets. This brings admission to $26.99 apiece.

Carowinds was my first job. I worked the Foto-zine booth, putting people’s pictures on magazine covers. For my whopping pay of $3.35 an hour, I had the privilege of filling out two income tax returns. The park borders North and South Carolina, so both had to be filed. Yay.

When I got tired of being cooped up in the darkroom (and wearing damn suspenders all day), I moved up to a cushy job as a recording engineer with Sing-A-Song Recording Studios, which had a booth in one of the arcades. My bosses, Derek and Kurt Slep, went on to form Sound Choice, a leading karaoke dealer in Charlotte. Mmmm, karaoke!

Anyhow, Carowinds is always a good time. Send me an email or comment of you’d like a coupon to go. They’re good until July 24th, so hurry!

Enter The Bambino

The Bambino made its first public performance Thursday afternoon when Kelly and I went in to listen to its heartbeat.

Kelly’s been pregnant for 11 weeks and we’ve been playing an elaborate ruse with our friends in trying to keep it secret. With the appearance of a healthy heartbeat, we’ve got the confidence to let everyone know.

I had some fun with the event by writing a fake news story that was based on an incident over the holidays. We went to a party where my brother had rented a Karaoke machine and he and I hammed it up. Part of the act included acting comedian-like and announcing that Louie Anderson is up next,” and then dropping the microphone.

What makes this funny? A few too many drinks.

What was to be a routine check of a baby’s heartbeat turned bizarre Thursday afternoon when the baby grabbed the microphone and began singing karaoke tunes. Doctors examining Kelly Turner expecting the tiny heartbeat were instead astonished to hear “My Way” sung in a tiny voice.

“I really don’t know what to make of this,” said Dr. Hethfield of the Raleigh OB/GYN. “Even though the baby doesn’t have a lyric sheet – it doesn’t even have eyes yet – it somehow knows all the words. Must be something in the genes.”

“You’re telling me,” sighed Kelly Turner, as she rolled her eyes at her husband, Mark. Kelly then pleaded with the doctor for some kind of cure, but was flatly told her husband was incurable.

The mystery deepened even futher when the baby announced that Louie Anderson would be its little brother before dropping the microphone.

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