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Carowinds Tickets

I’ve got a stack of discount coupons for Carowinds, the Paramount amusement park outside of Charlotte. The coupons are good for $18 off each of up to six full-price tickets. This brings admission to $26.99 apiece.

Carowinds was my first job. I worked the Foto-zine booth, putting people’s pictures on magazine covers. For my whopping pay of $3.35 an hour, I had the privilege of filling out two income tax returns. The park borders North and South Carolina, so both had to be filed. Yay.

When I got tired of being cooped up in the darkroom (and wearing damn suspenders all day), I moved up to a cushy job as a recording engineer with Sing-A-Song Recording Studios, which had a booth in one of the arcades. My bosses, Derek and Kurt Slep, went on to form Sound Choice, a leading karaoke dealer in Charlotte. Mmmm, karaoke!

Anyhow, Carowinds is always a good time. Send me an email or comment of you’d like a coupon to go. They’re good until July 24th, so hurry!

  1. The coupons are $18 off each ticket and that makes the final price $26.99 a piece??? Do you need to bring a credit report and statement of net worth with you too? Geez.

    Seems like a season’s pass was $26 for us back in the day.

  2. I think the season pass was about $45 or so “back in the day.” Maybe a site like this one, the Carowinds Zone, can be more precise.

    I’ve been flirting with the idea of hosting a Carowinds page for all the Carowinds “veterans.” Maybe some day…

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