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Clever scam email

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I’ve been spotting bogus emails and phone calls for quite a while now and I’d thought I’d seen everything. I got this bogus/scam email tonight that is different than anything else I’ve seen:

Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2012 20:00:00 -0500
From: ~ GB ~
To: yaddayaddayadda at
Subject: Re: For sale ad

Hi Mark, I ran across your ad, do you still have the Neuros MPEG-4 Video Recorder 2 for sale?


Looks innocent enough, right? I was seconds away from sending a reply, telling “Tom” that he was in luck because I have the item, but something seemed … odd. It had been a long time – years even – since I’d posted an ad for this item. Why was he writing me now, knowing the odds that it was available after three years were pretty low? Also, why was he writing directly to my Gmail account, when Craigslist obscures the ad poster’s email address? Did he get my email address from Craigslist, or did he get it from somewhere else?

I decided to do a Google search on “Neuros MPEG-4 Video Recorder 2″ and then one on “Neuros MPEG-4 Turner” to narrow it down to any ads I might have placed. Sure enough, I found the ad I placed on the TriLUG email list back in December 2008:


Two years ago

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Gerry Reid

Gerry Reid

It was two years ago today my close friend Gerry was severely injured in a wreck on I-40, passing away three days later. The days and weeks following the wreck were full of pain and tears though I managed to keep busy helping pull his friends together to celebrate his life.

Two weeks ago Kelly and I met with our financial advisor, who happens to have been a mutual friend of Gerry’s. Since Gerry’s death we trade hugs when we see each other, even two years later.

You gotta look out for those you love, and live life to the fullest. All we ever have is today.