At the controls

Triangle Radio Reading Service

I was feeling in a bit of a funk today. I suspect part of it is my semi-annual mental fog brought on by the time change, or it could be work-related issues on my mind, or it could simply be that I was hungry. Whatever the reason, this afternoon I was feeling down and wondered what it would take to rise above it.

Then at 6:15 I was headed over to Triangle Radio Reading Service for a volunteer shift. Earlier today I’d gotten an emergency call from TRRS’s volunteer scheduler that they desperately needed a reader for tonight’s USA Today session. I checked with Kelly to see if she’d have things under control with the kids and, once she agreed, I accepted the shift.
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Warm spring weekend

I enjoyed our beautifully warm weekend. It was the weekend of the ACC basketball tournament, so I had the TV on while I worked Thursday and Friday. Kelly’s brother and his family came to visit so we spent time with them, heading downtown to the train station to take a tour of the Amtrak train.

Upon returning from the train, David joined me on the couch to watch Saturday’s horribly-officiated game between N.C. State and UNC. I cooked a lasagna dinner and we relaxed a bit after that.

Sunday morning, we headed over to Adventure Landing on Capital Boulevard for some go-kart racing and Putt-Putt golf. The kids (no matter what age) enjoyed it all. Then after lunch at Chubby’s we said goodbye to David and Anna and headed back home. Kelly got in a 5 mile run and I got in a 10 mile bike ride. We also visited with our neighbors for a bit as the sun went down.

It was a nicely-paced, fun-filled weekend, and it was nice to enjoy every minute of it!