Workday routine

Kelly returned from her three-day business trip yesterday and, while I missed her, I’m happy to say that I never missed a beat while she was gone. I took the kids to Hallie’s basketball tournament, appeared (briefly!) before City Council, met friends for lunch, got the kids to Hallie’s soccer practice, chaired my Mordecai Historic Park board meeting, cooked dinner, made school lunches, kept the kids in clean laundry, did some blogging, and even got a lot done at work. I even found time this week to help push a disabled Jeep off of Wade Avenue.

Dads can certainly do the “Mr. Mom” routine. The first few weeks take getting used to, and sometimes I still mix up the kids’ lunches, but overall it’s worked out very well to have Kelly away at the office while I hold down the fort at home.

How to survive the daylight saving time switch – Calgary – CBC News

Today, the original purpose of daylight saving time — maximizing the amount of light during waking hours —still holds true. But more studies are popping up suggesting that people who are already susceptible to certain health problems, such as high blood pressure and depression, will feel the effects even more when the clocks move forward.

A Swedish study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2008 found the risk of a heart attack increases in the days right after the daylight saving time change.

via How to survive the daylight saving time switch – Calgary – CBC News.