I can hear you, can you hear me? R.E.M. visits Raleigh

Here’s your official MT.Net #remnc review:

It takes an exceptional band to drag me out to Walnut Creek Amphitheatre. With its $6 per-person parking fees, $11 beers, TicketMaster headaches, Gestapo-like security checks, and in-your-face advertisements, the place screams corporate rock. No matter if my seats are reserved or on the lawn I always feel a little dirty after a show there. Fortunately, R.E.M. is one band worth seeing.
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R.E.M. at RDU

…or more correctly, R.E.M. plays Raleigh’s Walnut Creek-Hardee’s-Alltel-Time Warner Music Pavilion tonight.

I’m going to bring my camera to the show in the hopes I can get some pics, as the R.E.M. forum seems to encourage this. I called the Ampitheatre number and was told cameras weren’t allowed, but was finally told I could bring it and take my chances. We’ll see. The worst that can happen is I have to hike back to my car. No biggie.

Look for some blogging entries (appropriately tagged #remnc) afterward!