Mother Jones on Romney Facebook hacking

Last week I was contacted by Erika Eichelberger of Mother Jones magazine who was curious about my blog posts covering the Mitt Romney Facebook hacking issue. She was interested in talking to other victims, so I put her in touch with a few people on the Hacked By Mitt Romney page.

Her story ran this morning but it concluded a whole lot of nothing:

So we asked the social-networking company to do that. Facebook agreed, and had a team research the issue. They concluded that users are probably liking the Romney page on a mobile device by either accidentally clicking on a Romney ad or a “sponsored story” from the Romney campaign in their news feed. A Facebook spokesman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the issue is unique to mobile because of the way the app works on small screens, and rejected the idea that the Romney camp was engaging in clickjacking. He added that the company is currently working to clean up its mobile interface.

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Yet another Romney hacking victim speaks

Early this morning another Romney Facebook victim mentioned getting hacked by Mitt Romney. Like many others, she insists what happened to her is not a sponsored link nor is it anything she did herself.

Dora Maria Costa

They are not advertisements that are showing up on my wall, they are posts that match the posts on the Romney page, and when I went to his page, it said I liked it. They are posts, jut like posts that arrive on my wall of pages that I do actually like, or from friends. I did not go to the Romney page and “like” it! I get the ads and the wall posts showing that friends of mine “like” the Romney page. But, this is different. How did Romney FORCE me to like his page???

Daily Kos: Romney Facebook Fraud-Is this legal?

I’ve been searching the web on a regular basis for mentions of Mitt Romney and Facebook. For some reason I just found this mention of Romney Facebook hacking that was posted on Daily Kos by user MilleNeon back on August 18th – long before I got hacked by Romney myself. As far as I know it’s the earliest mention of this phenomenon on the Internet.

This is a short diary, because I just want someone to tell me how to get this to someplace where it can be reported, like Huff Post.

Looked on my FB page, and in the ad column I saw an ad that said three of my FB friends had “liked” Romney. One is a close friend, and she was appalled that her name was in the ad.

Someone told me companies are bundling FB “friends” and selling them. Is this legal?

I grabbed a screenshot of the ad. Does anyone know who I can send this to so this fraud can be publicized?

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Another Romney Facebook hacking victim speaks up

I received this response today on a post from another blog about Mitt Romney’s Facebook hacking (emphasis mine):

I told my husband that I have been seeing friends of his that we KNOW would never vote for Romney “like” him on facebook. We are discussing this while family is visiting and then my husbands father tells me that he saw I had “liked” Romney on facebook a couple of weeks ago. I would know if I had done this. I would rather eat a hand full of stink bugs. I do not like this one bit.

Gus Gusler gets hacked by Mitt Romney

I found out last night that Gus Gusler, owner of Raleigh’s Player’s Retreat, discovered to his surprise that he was now a fan of Mitt Romney’s Facebook page. Anyone who knows Gusler knows how ludicrously improbable it is that he chose to do this willingly.

“I wouldn’t vote for that empty suit phony for dog catcher,” Gusler says.

Still hoping that the media starts taking this Mitt Romney Facebook hacking seriously.

Log Cabin Republicans for Romney?

I found this tweet today that raised my eyebrows:

Britt Marsh

the facebook says that two of my gay friends “like” mitt romney. I’m gonna hope that was some fluke. now I really want to puke even more.

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9:21 AM – 27 Sep 12 ·

Could this be more Hacked by Mitt Romney hijinks?

Another unknowing Romney Facebook fan

A Facebook user posted this account in Facebook’s forums earlier today:

I was scrolling my feed two nights ago when I saw that my husband ‘liked’ Mitt Romney’s page. I whacked him in the head. He said, “I didn’t do that.” So we went immediately to his account and ‘unliked’ the page.

How can they do this? I know why they are doing it, though: media pundits are talking about social media ratings and how “everybody” is talking about Romney! No doubt they want lots & lots & lots of “likes” to his page, and it ain’t happening on its own.

See? He’s all about “APPEARANCES” and nothing about SUBSTANCE! These phony “likes” will not equate into votes, Mittens. Don’t count on it.

Apparently the Romney Facebook hacking continues.

Romney Is Losing His Social Media Mojo – OhMyGov News

Mitt Romney’s Facebook growth has slowed considerably, coincidentally right after Facebook began cracking down on fake “likes.”

While Romney’s done plenty in public to scare away voters, I can’t help but wonder if Facebook’s new policies may have stopped the campaign from padding its numbers.

Romney’s trouble with the social network has nothing to do with President Obama’s commanding overall lead in total number of Facebook “Likes.”

Rather, it has everything to do with the fact that in August, plenty of people were liking Mitt Romney on Facebook, yet in September that growth has suddenly — and significantly — slowed.

via Romney Is Losing His Social Media Mojo – OhMyGov News.