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Science museum scavenger hunt champions!

Scavenger hunt champions!

Scavenger hunt champions!

Thursday evening the family and I signed up for the first ever scavenger hunt in the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. The Natural Science museum has been our favorite family museum ever since we had kids. We know it very, very well, so when the opportunity came up to participate in a scavenger hunt we were ready!

A couple dozen families showed up for the hunt, each one given a small booklet with the clues in it. The teams had one hour to complete the hunt, with the organizer saying he would be surprised if anyone did complete the hunt.

But the Turners, competing as the “Absolute Zeros,” did complete the hunt, getting most (if not all) of the answers correct (we were not allowed to keep our booklet so that the answers might be used again in a future hunt). At the end, we were awarded a prize for one of the most creative team names (we wanted the coolest name we could think of) and the grand prize for being scavenger hunt champions! That included museum water bottles, free tickets to the Dinosaurs in Motion exhibit, tote bags, and a sweet backpack donated by Great Outdoor Provision Company (which retails for $100).

Regardless of whether we won or lost, though, we had a blast exploring our favorite museum in Raleigh. We hope to participate again in the future!