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Email to Facebook

I posted this in Facebook’s Help forum tonight. I don’t know if it will do any good but I thought I’d use Facebook’s meager feedback channels to at least attempt to alert them to this.

It seems that sometime today I unknowingly became a “fan” of the Mitt Romney page. I never clicked like on Romney’s page, nor does my Facebook activity log show any likes for Romney’s page for at least as far back as October 14, 2011.

I strongly suspect that someone has manipulated Facebook’s database to set this like status without Facebook properly logging it as it would’ve with any other likes I have chosen. Please research this and tell me when I became a fan of Mitt Romney’s page and, if you CAN’T tell me when I became a fan, please explain WHY you can’t tell.

I suspect a hack or virus is to blame. Or a breach of Facebook security.

Thanks much!

Mark Turner
Sysadmin and network security geek

  1. I suspect neither. I much more likely suspect you were click jacked.

    Like button is hidden behind another graphic. You click other graphic, like is registered.

  2. That’s an interesting possibility, Dave. My only question is why doesn’t my “like” appear in the Facebook activity log?

    If I inadvertently clicked on Rmoney’s page, either through an ad or on the page itself, or even if I consciously clicked on his page, why wouldn’t this show up in the log just like every other like I’ve ever clicked on in Facebook?

    That’s the mysterious thing about this. That the log entry isn’t there when it should be. I want to know at what point did I screw up, if I screwed up. You know what I mean?

  3. Totally. I was leaning towards the occam’s razor explanation but you’re bigger point that I shouldn’t be distracted from is that that regardless of how, it’s incredibly unethical.

    And I doubt you screwed up in any case, I’m sure it was done to you – I just fixated a bit on the “exactly how” part


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