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Revved up before bed

Hallie played her first basketball game in her tournament last night and again I was playing assistant coach. The tipoff was after 8:30 and it was neck and neck most of the game. Then, down by three at the start of the fourth quarter, coach Lamonica Germany put in all of our shooters in a gamble to even the score. Somehow we pulled within one before subs were called and our “first-team” came out.

Before we knew it we were facing a three point deficit again. There were three minutes left in the game when I looked down the bench and saw four of our five top players sobbing uncontrollably (hey, they’re 9 years old). There was a lot of spirit there and I could see how much they wanted to win.

A timeout was called with about two minutes left and our shooters got back in the game. True to form, they used that emotion to step up their games. Within seconds we scored two three pointers in a row to take the lead. With a minute left in the game we had a seven-point lead and cruised to eventual victory.

It was an emotional game, and a real wonder to watch the kids apply their willpower to pull out a win. As amazing as the win was, it was also a bit too exciting for that time of night. I didn’t get to bed until 11 and slept fitfully the whole night. Guess I was a little too pumped up!

Hallie’s team plays again this evening at 6 (and if things go well, again at 8 for the championship game). I don’t know if I can take much more of this!