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Joining the ranks of Roku owners

Roku player

Having long become enamored of the Roku player, we bought our first one this week: a Roku HD that a neighbor was selling. Once again, I am quite impressed by this little box. Roku gets mad props for designing a fantastic user interface. I firmly believe boxes like Roku’s are the future of television, where one will buy individual episodes of shows rather than subscribe to a channel, cable tier, or the like.

Now comes the question of channels. What are the other Roku owners watching out there? Which ones out of the available channels have the more entertaining shows?

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the Roku club!

    I just got the Roku XD last week. It’s the exact same as your except that it supports 1080p (instead of the 720p yours supports).

    If you like space at all, you should definitely add the NASA TV channel.

    I also really like Amazon Video on Demand. If you buy DVDs or Blu-Ray at Amazon, you can often get either a rental of the movie you can watch right away or a $5 credit towards something in their Video On Demand section.

    Also, you should probably do like I did and download their SDK. They’ve made it fairly easy to create things for the Roku. I haven’t yet done anything with it, but the fact that it exists at all is great.

  2. Second on the Amazon VOD. They’ll often have specials (like over the holidays) and coupons. It’s a great way to get something that’s not on Netflix and cheaper than VOD on my Dish.

    I watch Chow from time to time. I’ve also been using the free month of Hulu I got for signing up for a trial using a Chase credit card. I’m not in love with Hulu, but it’s interesting to try.

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