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Hit the street, dog!

Just because I can’t scold my dog for leading me on a neighborhood chase Tuesday doesn’t mean I couldn’t exact some revenge! So, yesterday afternoon I hopped on my mountain bike, leashed Rocket up, took my life in my own hands, and took off through the neighborhood as fast as he could run.

My original plan was to take him on the Middle Crabtree Creek greenway, where I could ride and he could run for 11 miles without turning around. Instead I turned him around before we got within a quarter-mile of the greenway. He was winded and not used to this kind of exercise. On the trot back home he was putty in my hands: something I haven’t seen much of since we got him.

Though its been a while since he’s done it, running him while on a bike isn’t new to him: his foster owners used to take him out like this. It worked pretty well, too, all things considered. Only once or twice did I thought I would die, but overall it was fine. As long as I kept him about four feet next to me and kept ahead of him, he was fine. If he got ahead of me, he would sometimes veer in front of me in an attempt to steer. I also learned not to attach the leash to the handlebars, as he would sometimes tug in the other direction. Holding the leash by hand worked much better.

I haven’t ridden my bike since my downtown commute ended last month. Its been long overdue (especially since I’m still working off holiday meals and desserts) but it felt great! I’m really hoping the dog and I can work things out so we can reliably do the greenways.

  1. hey man,

    Get some rollerblades! They work great with a dog that has tons of energy and its easier to control him then on a bike…

  2. Dude, its obviously been a while since you’ve seen me on Rollerblades! I’m out of work and can’t afford to put myself in the hospital at the moment. 🙂

  3. Attach a broomstick handle to the back of the bike so it sticks out in the back then put a hook on the end and hang his leash on the hook. That way he will not be able to get in front or easily pull you over. Sort of like this commercial product:


    PS Think it will be Sunday before I get to Raleigh. My daughter wants me to babysit while they go to an office party on Saturday.

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