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The Karl Fischer domain scam

Just got a scam email into my $WORK inbox. Someone claiming to be from an Asia domain-name registrar says someone named Karl Fischer is trying to register domain names related to my employer (where my company’s name is xxxx):

Dear Manager,

Asia Network is the company of internet services that the domain registration is one of the major online style of our service range. Now we have something need to confirm with you. We hope you to cooperate with us. On July 21th 2008, we received an application from one person named “Karl Fischer” who wants to register some domains( internet brand(xxxx). According to our investigation, we found that domain names have relevance to your company’s name and trademark, so we send this email for you to confirm it. We are dealing with this affair in these days, so we wish to get the confirmation and the assent of your company. If Karl Fischer doesn’t belong to your company and you don’t authorize him to register these domains, Pls contact with me soon in order to prevent some guy from abusing your trademarks and the company names.

In addition, I must state that we have time limited for one person or one company’s registration. It is just 15 days. If your company files doesn’t resent within the time limited. We will unconditionally authorized the application of Karl Fischer. In order to deal with this issue better,please let someone who is responsible for trademark or domain name contact me as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperate.

Best Regards,

Eddy Young
Sponsoring Registrar:
Asia Network
Tel: (852)3118 1808
Fax: (852)3065 8189

A little poking around the Internets tells me replying to this email will generate a never-ending stream of domains this Karl Fischer guy is trying to register. See where it leads?

Dear xxx,
Thanks for your prompt reply. According to our investigation,We knew you have registered the domain name “” and own the intellectual property / own the trademark “xxx”, this is why we informed you. But now Karl Fischer wanted to apply for other domain names and internet brand you have not registered yet. Karl Fischer wants to apply the following domain names and internet brand:
1. Domain Name

2. Internet Brand

You must know Domain name takes open registration, this is international domain name registration rule. So Karl Fischer has right to register them. As a domain name registrar, we have no right to dispute their application. So inform your company to protect your interest. But as the company whose trademarks relate to the applied domains, you will get the priority to register these domain names.

If you have business in asia or you want to develop business in asia in the near future, so I think these domain names are very important for you! Of course, each company has their own idea. If you don’t think their application will affect your company, you can give up, we will finish their registration. But if you think these domain names are useful for your company, we can send an application form to you and help you register these within dispute period. This is the only way to prevent domain name grab. Pls let us know your decision soon, so that we can handle the next step.

Best regards.


Scammers. Bless their greed-filled hearts.

Update 20 Oct: A company called AsiaDNR is now jumping into the game.