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Weekend of Mythic proportions

We certainly made the most of our Memorial Day weekend! Saturday we went on a family sail at Lake Gaston, with even the kids taking turns at the helm. Once it was time to dock, we spent some fun time catching up with the Naylors.

Sunday we had a relaxing morning, with the home’s windows all open to the beautiful weather. We then set off for our epic bike ride to Shelly Lake and back: an amazing trip (and surprisingly easy). I may have mislead y’all by saying we all did it. The kids were on their trail-a-bikes the whole trip, so Kelly and I got an extra workout.

Once we got back Travis napped, Hallie wrote a book (of course), Kelly ran to the store and I knocked out some chores around the house. We then spent the evening at a cookout at our friends, the Dolls.

Monday was spent lazily again. Kelly took Hallie to her “Build A Bear” event at the mall while Travis and I worked on finally hooking up our rain tank, taking a short but fun bike ride around the neighborhood in between. After borrowing the neighbor’s ladder, I got the new downspout put in place. Travis and I leveled the tank, too, and cleaned it out.

I hopped in the shower after we finished the work and headed over to my brother Jeff’s house for our regular dinner party. After we returned from that and got the kids in bed, I spent the rest of the evening tinkering with MythTV.

The weekend was a good combination of social stuff, active stuff, and getting things done around the house. Pretty much perfect, in other words!