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Sailing Saturday

We went sailing again Saturday with the intent of taking the boat out of the water once we were done. Although we had a great time sailing, with steady winds and the lake to ourselves, the minivan failed to pull the boat up the ramp. Without a four wheel drive we’ll have to either use another vehicle or use another ramp.

We put the boat back in the water and will try again another weekend.

  1. Hey Mark, there is a “come along” in the closet in the basement bedroom ( ). You could park the car at the top of the ramp and see if you could ratchet it up to the car. You might even be able to pull it out with the car and a long cable if the car is pulling on a level surface.

  2. Ok first, is your minivan rated to pull and stop that sailboat? Most minivans we looked at last year could pull my hobie, but that was the limit. Next, I assume you’ve hit a low lake level situation and you’re running into mud, sand, algae, rocks, trailer having to climb the end of the ramp, or a combination. Can you provide details/pics? I’m curious to see what you’ve run into.


  3. The minivan has the power to pull the boat out. The ramp is the problem. Its a dry, gravel hill and the van simply doesn’t have the traction to pull itself and the boat up the hill.

    If we used a concrete or asphalt ramp we would have no problem.

  4. We used to use a hand crank winch to pull boats out. Dad made a third wheel in the front that rolled well (basically a metal frame and another trailer axle) and had a crank on a cross tie he embedded deep into the ground. Once out of the steep area, we would block it and hook a tow vehicle up then. I’d bet you could find a hitch mounted winch (Northern has some cheapo ones) for the minivan and a third wheel to do the same kind of maneuver.


    PS. Of course you could just buy an old CJ and use it. But I’m biased…

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