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More Phishiness

I had a call come in from “Tuscany Industries” this morning, number 702-520-1117. I answered and decided to play their little game. A recorded female voice warned about my car’s warranty expiring. If I was not interested in renewing it, she said, press 2, otherwise press 1.

I pressed 1 and their phone switch said “transferring to the operator.”

A male voice answered, sounding a little brusque. “Can I have the make and model of your vehicle under warranty,” he asked. I did not hear any noise in the background.

“Sure!” I said, innocently. “Can you tell me which vehicle this warranty applies to?” I wanted to see what they already knew. To my surprise, the line went dead. He had hung up.

“He didn’t waste any time, did he?” I thought to myself.

I know from reverse lookups that this 702-520-1117 number is a VoIP number. That was confirmed by the slight choppiness in the female annoucement message. The real question is where do these calls originate. That might only be solved by a warrant.