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Nice Sail Today

We made it out to Lake Gaston again today for a few hours on the water. We visited with the Naylors briefly before getting the boat in the water. This time I felt in no rush to prepare things and as a result things went far more smoothly.

The winds were forecast for 9 MPH but were a little slow to develop. Skies looked a bit threatening, too, though I knew there was no chance for rain and that the clouds present were not towering. We sailed west for a few miles before turning upwind. By the time we passed the Naylor’s lakehouse again the sky was almost clear and the winds provided the best sailing of the day. The last 30 minutes in the sun provided me with an unexpected sunburn after a day full of clouds.

The family seemed to adapt more to the boat, too. The kids were a bit reluctant to go early on, but Hallie had fun being mostly in the cabin and Travis spent most of his time topside with Kelly. Both seemed reluctant to go home.

We all had fun, though our visit with the Naylors was far too short. We’re looking forward to seeing them again.

  1. Always a joy to have you out. I love seeing a sailboat at the dock 🙂

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