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Hello, 2018

New Years 2018 arrives in Raleigh City Plaza during the First Night Raleigh celebration

It’s New Years Day 2018 and I sit in my comfortable home office, coffee in hand and a pile of technology surrounding me. The weather is a brisk 22 degrees Fahrenheit as we’re in the middle of a brutal cold spell. I’ve been spending the past week and change catching up on home projects, mostly of the indoor variety.

When it was still warm enough to feel one’s limbs outside I worked more on our fence, digging up more than half of our old fenceposts. The ones that are left are anchored by concrete and not as eager to be ripped from the ground. On a future warmer weekend I will pry these out as well. For now, we have a mostly-open yard for the first time in a while.

Other projects include updating the phone software for my son’e temporary phone. I set up a Windows VM so I can move Windows completely off my laptop. I got my Snort instance running again. I created a script to automatically restart my VMs. I extended my UPS wiring to the downstairs wiring closet. I also solved my EdgeRouter’s puzzling DHCP problem. Oh, and I helped clean out our attic and took down most of our Christmas decorations.

One thing I haven’t done enough of is blogging. Several fits and starts were made in 2017 but I didn’t cough up the kind of posts that I used to have, and that’s sad. It’s been a crazy year with so many shiny objects dangled in front of me (i.e., political drama) that I have been distracted from the things I’d rather do. Thus, my days as a social media consumer (a.k.a. spending time on Facebook) will be severely curtailed this year and I will spend more time being a social media producer here on my blog and elsewhere. It’s not that I don’t love y’all and what you’re out doing but I need to get back to my creative outlets.

Spending a little time this morning searching my blog turned up some amazing posts, many from twelve or so years ago. The subjects probably don’t really matter to most people but they were important to me. Reading them reminds me of how much care and passion I once infused in my writing. I’m out of practice and that’s a shame. I can still scare up time for posts so I certainly should.

I’m working up a highlights series on 2017, so stay tuned. And expect more from me here as I continue to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing here on Planet Earth.

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