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From Gateway theme to Dellow

I got tired of the Gateway WordPress Theme because it teased me with features only available in the pro version. I don’t mind starting out with the basic, free version of the software if I know going in what I get for free and what I need the premium version for. I also wanted to add Infinite Scroll to make my blog perform the way all other social media sites now perform. I don’t know if even the premium version of the Gateway Theme does this.

With a little more poking around the Internets, I found the Dellow Theme. Dellow offers a cool Parallax effect with the header image. For the unaware, the Parallax effect scrolls an image or frame at a fraction of the rest of the page, offering a cool depth-of-field effect. Dellow also offers Infinite Scroll so that webpage visitors never reach the end of my blog.

Now, I’ve read that search engines sometimes have trouble finding content on an infinite scroll page. This remains to be seen. If it cuts into my search traffic then I may have to rethink my strategy. All told, I am impressed with what the free version of Dellow offers, so much that I immediately paid for the Dellow Plus version to show the author thanks.

Please help me kick the tires and let me know what you think of it. Thanks!