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Snow daze

We’ve just gone through a string of 8 snow days over the past two weeks. The first storm was ice and sleet of about 1-2 inches. The second was a powdery snowfall that surprised everyone Monday morning and kept us hunkered down most of the week. Just when the dust cleared by Wednesday and the temperatures finally warmed up enough to allow some semblance of normalcy we got hit with another storm. When the flakes began falling Wednesday night, forecasters predicted anywhere from 2-8 inches possible, with some predictions of epic levels of snow. The blizzard predictions were largely a bust here in East Raleigh as warm air created a wet, slushy snow that started melting quickly. The end result was a week’s worth of school (and lost work productivity for the grown-ups), and a few scattered power outages in the neighborhood. I was so happy today to brave the roads and sit at my office desk again!

It wasn’t all doom and gloom. Tuesday morning, our friendly neighborhood beat officer, Officer Boyd, challenged the neighborhood to a snowball fight. Our kids joined others at Lions Park to take Officer Boyd up on his challenge and neighborhood photogs from the N&O documented it all.

The resulting story, video and pics cheered up thousands from the N&O home page for a day and a half. Hallie and Travis got plenty of airtime. Hallie’s picture appeared in the N&O story the next day and a set of photos featuring Travis went viral on Facebook with over 26,000 likes. The kids felt like celebrities, and I suppose they were.

I’m hoping that’s the last winter weather we have for a while, though. Bring on spring!