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Dogs in parks issue postponed

Due to a high likelihood that the Parks, Recreation, and Greenway Advisory Board (PRGAB) will not have a quorum tonight, the issue of restricting dogs in certain areas of parks will not be taken up at tonight’s meeting. Almost half of our board members have said they are unable to make it. This is an important issue we’re considering and we want to make sure all our members have the chance to weigh in with their thoughts, particularly those members who serve on the committee which considered it, the Greenways and Urban Trees Committee (GWUT).

Another factor is the change in location, part of the board’s desire to explore all the great meeting spaces the Parks system has to offer. We are meeting at the new Hill Street Neighborhood Park off of Skycrest Drive. It would not be good to have those interested in the dog issue schlep all the way out to Hill Street only to find that the issue wasn’t being considered. We’ll likely take it up at the next meeting, which should be held at the usual place: the Jaycees Module building off Wade Avenue.

This will be a notable meeting for another reason, however: it will be the last Parks board meeting I chair. I’ll officially hand the gavel over to Kimberley Siran tonight. She’ll be great.