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"The Highlanders" in a May 2012 performance.

“The Highlanders” in a May 2012 performance.

Since we got back from visiting Kelly’s family in Wisconsin over the Fourth of July holiday, I’ve been feeling the need to be more creative. Part of our time there was spent by me sitting around and playing guitar with Kelly’s uncle. I only knew a handful of chords (and songs) so we didn’t play many songs. The few songs we did play was enough for me to reignite my interest in guitar.

This summer we’ve been doing more with music as a family, too. Both kids’ recitals this year had a portion where the families of the students could perform a piece. Our family performed Ashokin Farewell as “The Highlanders.” Every Sunday evening we would practice the song together, me on guitar, Kelly on flute, Hallie on violin, and Travis on piano. I came to crave this hour each week set aside to play music.

Last Sunday I was in the mood to play again, so I dug out a pop music songbook Kelly had bought as a gift for me several years ago but had been packed away. To my delight I was able to quickly learn the new chords in this book, vastly opening up the kinds of songs I could now play. Since that Sunday I have found some time at the end of each day to play through several songs in the songbook, building both calluses on my fingers and my musical ability at the same time.

I don’t see my love for playing guitar ending anytime soon as it’s quickly risen to the level of near-obsession. I’m wondering what took me so long.