in Green

Going solar!

We are in the process of getting solar PV panels put on our roof, generating our own electricity from the sun. I believe June is the target date for completion. Local solar firm Southern Energy Management is doing the install, which will set us up with a 4kW grid-tie system. It’s not enough to cover all of our electricity needs but considering the shade still on our afternoon rooftop it’s not too bad. We can always cut down a tree or two in the future should we want to boost this output, but that wouldn’t necessarily be green, would it?

I’d gotten a solar survey from Southern two years ago, right when the Progress Energy SunSense program had been announced. Kelly and I weren’t ready to go through with it then, though. In the meantime, solar kept getting cheaper and the kids became little activists, going to demonstrations demanding cleaner sources of energy. I couldn’t help but feel this was hypocritical of us to be demanding more clean energy when we ourselves consumed lots of dirty energy, so I thought it was time to “walk the walk” when it comes to living green and go solar. Plus, I’m a geek and have always wanted solar panels on my home since I was in middle school and bought my first solar cell, one that could power my transistor radio.

The staff have been out to survey the property and make notes. Now a lot of stuff will happen in the background. Permits will be filed, materials will be ordered, and finally the work crew will be here to install the panels. I’m excited about the whole process and will be blogging as it progresses.

Is it cheap electricity? Not really. Not yet, anyway. It’s getting there, though. We will get a large chunk (about 66%) of our investment back by way of tax credits. The main reason we’re doing it is because it’s the right thing to do. Bring on the 21st century source of power!