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How the Hacked by Mitt Romney page got its name

I’ve seen comments out there about the “cute” URL the Hacked By Mitt Romney page has,

The truth is I would’ve loved to call it simply but Facebook would not let me for some strange reason. As I mentioned before, I went through a ridiculous number of iterations until I landed on the current address, so many of them that I began to take screen shots of the rejections.

You Didn’t Build That

Mitt Hacked Me

Hacked By Mitt Romney

Romney Hacked Me

With the exception of the YouDidntBuildThat link, none of these Facebook pages exist, so it’s not a problem that my names conflict with existing pages (try clicking on them – they take you to the Facebook error page). That makes me wonder if someone (from the campaign perhaps?) might have bought up the URLs or portions of the URLs to prevent others from using them.

Did someone anticipate Romney’s campaign would be hacking accounts and buy these links up? Or were certain keywords in URLs flagged (i.e. “Mitt” or “Romney”) to prevent any pages from using them?