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Did Facebook ignore my Facebook ad privacy setting?

Another aspect of being hacked by Mitt Romney has the potential to make me as furious as I was when it first happened. In essence, did Facebook ignore my privacy setting for Facebook “social ads?”

Back when Facebook announced that it would be putting the names of people in your friends list in the advertising it showed you, people howled in protest. I quickly decided I didn’t want to lend my face or name to any Facebook ad so I quickly adjusted my Social ad privacy settings to opt out of this program. Now I’m wondering if my name or face appeared in the Mitt Romney ad and, if so, how that could’ve happened with the way my settings were set.

I will ask the friends who saw me liking Mitt Romney whether my name appeared in an ad or if it was a notification on my timeline. Seeing how I’ve never found any entry on my timeline for liking Romney, I’m guessing Facebook violated my privacy settings.

Interestingly enough, at the time of this post I cannot get Facebook’s Social ad privacy settings page to come up. I’m sure it’s just a glitch, right?

Update 11 Oct 8:35 AM: My “social ads” settings page is still not coming up for me. Very odd.