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More Mitt Romney Facebook hijacks

A few other Facebook users are reporting that their accounts were used to like Mitt Romney’s page without their permission.

One person replied to my post to the Facebook help forum with this comment:

“The same thing happened to me and a few other people I know.”

Then there is this comment:

“A couple of my fb friends “Like” Mitt Romney. For some reason, each day, I’m getting a newsfeed entry from one or the other of these friends that “XXX likes Mitt Romney” and it includes a recent Mitt Romney facebook post. However, these newsfeed entries don’t appear in either friends’ timelines at all.

I didn’t know that a page that you “liked” could spam your friends’ newsfeeds like this. Is this allowed? If so, how can I tell if a page that I “like” is spamming my friends?”

… and this one:

“I definitely don’t “Like” Mitt Romney (to put it mildly) and do not want his face popping up on my fb page. This is totally uncool. How can this be prevented?”

Meanwhile, Romney’s page is trumpeting its 5 millionth fan, while there are clearly users who have no idea they are fans of his page.

I have done occasional Google searches for any word of this in any media but have not seen any mention. I wonder if this story will ever catch on.

Update 9:17 PM: A few more I found on the Facebook Security page:

How do I get Mitt Romney off my facebook page..I did not like him and I want to report this

Please remove mitt Romney from my news feeds. I am not his fb friend.