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Lonely front porch

Jupiter the cat

I’ve been fighting this sense of dread ever since Kelly and I returned from our weekend at Hanging Rock. You see, Saturday morning I left out a bowl of food and water for Jupiter, the feral cat who adopted our front porch as his home. Upon returning Sunday evening the food was still there, completely untouched.

I haven’t seen the little orange fuzzbucket since Friday and now I’m seriously wondering if we’ll ever see him again. Though he’s always been a wild cat and only adopted us late last fall, the cat has become part of the family. The enthusiasm he always shows when he comes tearing across the yard to see me really brightens my day.

I guess I’ll miss him if he’s gone for good, but I knew he was better off staying feral. Our worlds coincided on our front porch every day. I hope those visits haven’t come to an end.

Update 28 July: He’s back! He showed up on the front porch yesterday after a few days spent who-knows-where.

  1. Didn’t you mention at one time there were coyotes in the area? Cats are tough but no match for a ‘yote. I’d be worried about that a little. However, cats are smart and as long as he can get to a tree he’d be fine.

    Glad he’s back! He looks really sweet

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