in Geezer

Letters to Grandma

An unexpected package arrived in the mail for me today from my Aunt Nancy. In it was a bundle of letters I had written to my grandmother over the years. Aunt Nancy had collected them and mailed them out to their respective authors.

My aunt also included a note, part of which reads:

“In this age of electronic communications, there may not be much of a permanent record of your life. But, these letters are part of your history. You can enjoy them … or throw them away. I just thought you should be the one to make that decision.”

As far as electronic communications goes, my aunt played a role in helping send the first email I ever got from my grandmother, back in 1993! While it’s true I no longer have that email, I can say that since the advent of Google electronic communications have become much more permanent than they used to be. I have no doubt that the bits I assemble here on MT.Net will be around in one place or another for quite some time.

With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to share these letters on my blog. They do offer a glimpse of my life at various times.

I remember feeling especially close to Grandma in the early 1990s, as I spent several weekends with her at her Panama City, FL home while I was stationed in Pensacola. While at sea, I mailed her many letters to her, keeping her up to date on my Navy life. I sure miss her, but re-reading these gives me a smile. I hope you enjoy them, too.