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State park spam

Over the holiday weekend my inbox filled up with angry messages as the North Carolina State Parks system inadvertently set up an open email list with 47,000 subscribers. One person, apparently having made one too many trips to the eggnog bowl, sent an anti-tax tirade to the entire list, which caused a chain-reaction that lasted for days and days. One after another, subscribers demanded to be removed from the list, which only perpetuated the problem as each fruitless request needlessly clogged the inbox of 47,000 other subscribers.

Having run mailing lists for several years, I know these things can happen. Thus, I was more amused than angry as several dozens of clueless people continued to annoy everyone else with their unsubscription requests. In spite of this week’s snafu, I hope the state continues to use email and other means to tout our beautiful state parks!

  1. People that send unsubscribe requests to the list should be flogged. If there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every message, they should be flogged, then banned from the Internet.

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