in Parks and Rec, Raleigh

Zombies for Mordecai Historic Park

Travis and I spent the last two nights being zombies for Mordecai Historic Park’s annual Haunted Trolley rides. We were stationed in the insanely-decorated yard of Oakwood resident Jesse Jones, where we waited for the trolley to arrive. Once it did, Travis and I jumped out of the yard and worked to spook the riders.

After the second trolley went by last night, I decided it wasn’t enough to spook the riders. I wanted to make them laugh, too! Before the last trolley visit, Travis and I stopped by the house and made some cardboard signs saying “will work for BRAINZ” and “I need brains! Repeat: I need brains!” I also grabbed a bottle of Windex and a towel.

The trolley rolled up to the house and Travis and I stood statue-still for a moment. Then we leaped out with our signs (illuminated with LED flashlights – the latest zombie accessory) and hollered “braaaaaaains!” as we lurched around the trolley. Well, I lurched around the trolley -Travis lurched only as far as the curb: junior zombies aren’t allowed in the street.

After I circled the trolley once, I hobbled over to the curb and grabbed the Windex and towel. Then I awkwardly began cleaning the windshield, demanding brain payment once I was done with my shoddy job. It got lots of laughs, and the feedback from the tour guide was that it went over really well! Travis and I did that again tonight and had a blast!

Most Halloweens, I relegated to serving candy at home while Kelly takes the kids around. I’m glad that this weekend I got a chance to have some Halloween fun, too!