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Cheap thoughts: illumination

Dead CFL bulb

I began labeling my CFL bulbs with the date I put them into service. This one died today after just 18 months of use. Ordinary bulbs last far longer than this! Cheap (possibly counterfeit) electronics are to blame.

So if CFLs aren’t the answer, what is? When will LED bulbs be ready for prime time? Is there a future where we move beyond bulbs entirely? Are self-illuminated walls and ceilings in our future?

  1. You’re not alone. I label all of my bulbs these days… I have found that I only get a few months out of incandescent bulbs in my ceiling fans. I have only been using CFL’s for about six months, and so I don’t have any documented casualties yet.

    I also label my air filters when I put them in service.

  2. I was standing in front of the LED bulbs at Home Depot last weekend scratching my head … I’m going to have to read up on them so I know what to replace my current bulbs with … I noticed that my local Chipotle had replaced all their bulbs with LEDs since the last time I was there … the light wasn’t as harsh.

  3. I just got the September Popular Mechanics in the mail today and there’s an article, “The Light Bulb Wars,” that looks like it covers every light bulb type.

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