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BP gulf oil spill

I’ve been watching the live feed of the BP oil spill tonight and becoming very depressed. Those submersibles seem no match for the fury of the raging gusher. It makes me think that I’m only marginally less capable of plugging the leak than BP is.

Some experts estimate 39 million gallons have spilled at this point, with little chance of stopping it soon. Frankly I wonder when this leak will ever be brought under control.

The Gulf will never be the same in my lifetime, sad to say. If ever.

  1. We should do like the Russians do when they have oil leaks: small nuclear device. It seals shut leaks at an 80% success rate. It would do less harm than what’s happening now

  2. I might actually be in favor of such an approach as long as it wouldn’t do more damage. Perhaps if its success rate was a little higher.

    BP won’t take that approach, though, as they seemto be more concerned with saving the well.

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