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Blogging and hackers

I found the Stop Forum Spam site this morning when watching l0ser bots try to register accounts on MT.Net. A Google search on an email address used by an obvious bot brought me to the site. There’s an API for automated rejection of these fake user accounts which I’m thinking of using to head off many of the hacker attacks I’ve seen. I’m thinking blocking attacks at the Apache level would be ideal.

On another note, it looks like my WordPress hack post has become very popular with both hackers and webmasters alike. Hackers frequently use its url for attempt cross-site scripting attacks against my machine, while webmasters point to it as one of the first public announcements of a critical WordPress vulnerability. Kudos again to MT.Net reader Scootdawg for being the first to see my blog wasn’t working!

On yet another note, I’m thinking of writing a screenplay where a lowly blogger disses the reclusive dictator of a backwards Asian country and becomes an unwilling “guest” of the dictator for a bizarre weekend.

  1. it’s only cause I’m here all the friggin’ time….I’m a l00ser.

    Anyway, I dig the play idea. Can I star as the reclusive dictator? I’ve always wanted to be reclusive.

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