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More public service

25mph-sign (c) FreeFoto.Com
I got a little more public service in during the last few days. I decided to help my neighbors on Edmund Street get the speed limit changed to 25 MPH. This requires 75% of the residents to sign a petition agreeing to the change. I spent parts of Saturday, Sunday, and today walking the street with a clipboard in hand and asking people to sign.

Tonight I got the 30th signature, making the petition valid. Now it’s off to the Transportation Services department of the City of Raleigh to be checked, after which it will be sent to the City Council for approval. The new speed limit signs should appear.within seven days of Council approval. Yay!

  1. It’s the citywide “default” of 35 MPH. This street can’t handle traffic that fast (or faster – some cars do 50 on this street), so 25 MPH should help some. Should help is the key word.

  2. Do you believe anyone will actually pay attention to the street sign? What are the chances the police will be there to enforce it? Or, is the next step getting speed bumps?

    Good luck!

  3. Chances of police enforcement are pretty high because I’m going to be all over them to do so! 🙂

    Speed limit reduction is the first step in slowing traffic down. If other measures are needed we will explore them (speed bumps are discouraged, however, because they inhibit emergency vehicles).

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