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Dog as weather forecaster

Kelly and I were amused at our dog Rocket’s attempt to hide himself in our closet at bedtime last night. He’s usually banished to the den so that we aren’t kept awake by his snoring. Occasionally, he’ll park himself outside our door when he wants company but his sneaking into our closet was quite unusual. Four hours later, at 2:30 AM, thunder first rumbled outside. Like most dogs, Rocket is terrified of thunder.

Today I’m left wondering: did our dog somehow know about the thunderstorm long before it arrived? If so, how? Was it the drop in air pressure? If air pressure is the answer, why doesn’t he react similarly when fronts move through that don’t cause thunderstorms?

In other news, I’m thinking of selling my weather radio. 🙂

  1. me thinks it was a coincidence. Four hours seems like a long lead time

  2. It could have been a coincidence, yes. Even so, it looked for all the world like he was battening down the hatches.

    I’d like to get some time in a hypobaric chamber and see what happens to a dog when exposed to a simulated low pressure system.

  3. There’s another possible explanation. The night before, Kelly and I applied Rocket’s anti-flea medicine and heartworm medicine. The last time we did this we saw him acting sluggish for a few days afterward. I don’t know if his behavior is affected by the medicine or not, but it is a possibility.

    Interesting article, too, Scott. Thanks!

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