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Roomba zoomba

We had not been using our Roomba that much until this spring, when I thought I’d turn it loose on the dog hair that piles up. Roomba would clean half a room before stopping and complaining: its battery would no longer hold a charge. I remedied that last month when I purchased a replacement battery. Now Roomba is back to cleaning like a pro, sucking up “dog-hair sandwiches,” as I like to call them.

It’s nice to have a vacuum that does the cleaning for you!

  1. It will clean every room it has access to. You can use “virtual walls” to keep Roomba from entering room.

    Typically, though, Roomba does better with one room at a time.

  2. Roombas rock!

    I love mine! Tanner, Mark is dead on with the virtual walls and one room at a time. I even use the walls to cordon off my large family area. That way it can work it’s magic. Another tip, if you plan to get one, is to be consistent. Run it every morning in one room and then at night in another. Your floors will look great!

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