in Meddling

NY Times visits MT.Net

This morning I noticed my work against car warranty scammers has garnered the attention of readers of the New York Times blog. Apparently, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has been getting the calls as well. Schumer is calling for a national investigation.

For Schumer and any others who may be interested, I have collected a lot of evidence regarding these calls (browse my Meddling category for examples). I have also tried to get the North Carolina Attorney General’s office interested as well as the Florida Attorney General’s office. The result has been absolutely no action. No response, nothing. It seems that no one cares. Meanwhile there are plenty of little old ladies who have been bilked $3000 for a car warranty that in some cases exceeds the worth of their cars.

Should you be visiting my site for the first time and are in a position to actually do something about these shady calls, contact me and I’ll give you enough information to gain a warrant or subpoena.