in Checking In, Mr. Fixit

Home, but not quite alone

Kelly took the kids up to visit her parents this weekend. I stayed around to get a few things done and take care of our new dog, Rocket .. er, Rocky. He’s been keeping me company and snores below me at this moment as I sit on the couch. Rocky’s been getting lots of exercise this weekend, and by extension so have I.

I took him on his first visit to a Raleigh greenway yesterday, though he opted to drag me along for most of it. I then let him hang out in the backyard while I spread some mulch around in our front flowerbeds (it was a picture-perfect fall day). I felt like rewarding Rocky for his patience so we hopped into the car again for a trip to the dog park. He and I were both ready for bed around 9 PM, though I had to change almost 600 clocks to standard time before going to bed.

A good night’s sleep later, I had breakfast and took Rocky out for some fetching practice. I then took him on a leash out to Lions Park and back, where for the first time he didn’t pull my arm out of the socket. He hung out with me under the house while I finished insulating the pipes and stayed in the back yard while I finished mulching another flowerbed.

This time to reward his patience I piled him in the car and took him to his obedience class. He was hungry and distracted by the treats but overall was a good student. The exercise tonight came from my holding him firmly during class. He also didn’t feel inclined to leap into the car so I got to lift a 70 pound dog.

And now he snoozes before I wake him for his last trip outside tonight. I hope I sleep as well as he does. See you tomorrow.