in Checking In


We decided after meeting him that Rocket was our dog. He was delivered Saturday afternoon following Travis’s birthday party.

Rocket (or “Rocky” as I like to call him) is a super-sweet dog. He’s a two year old black Lab, and a rescue dog as I mentioned before. He’s playful, strong as hell, loves exercise but is also quite content to snooze on the floor.
Kelly’s been taking him on afternoon runs and reports that he’s very well behaved around other people and dogs.

He is also quite attached to his humans and desperate to please them. He greets us with a friendly lick to the face and full-body hugs. And he cries when he gets put in his crate when we leave. Boy does he complain! This boy’s got a bark that will send shivers down your spine!

We’re still getting used to his mild snoring and snuffling at night, but on all accounts he’s a wonderful addition to our family!

  1. congrats!

    Make sure you watch the Dog Whisperer!! That full body hug that seems sweet and cute….dominance.

    However, Labs are good dogs in general so you won’t have an issue but learn their language, yo!

  2. Ah, sneaky!

    Yes, we’ve got the Dog Whisperer on DVD. Good stuff. I should probably start watching at least one episode per night.

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