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Great Atlantic Warranty now North American Warranty Solutions?

Great Atlantic Warranty, the car warranty scammers, has apparently put on a disguise to try to throw search engines off its track. According to this post GAW is now working under the name North American Warranty Solutions. The domain has been active for all of three months. Great Atlantic Warranty’s former website is now a hand-coded page, and (surprise, surprise) it says GAW is out of business!

Great Atlantic Warranty, as a selling agent, has stopped selling new vehicle service contracts. Great Atlantic Warranty has submitted all contract information to the respective warranty plan administrators.
Who do I call if I have a claim?
If you have purchased a contract, please refer to the cover letter you received with your contract, or the actual contract, for the appropriate customer service contact information. If you cannot locate this information, but you have your contract # or Owner ID #, please click on “I have a Contract Number” below.

> I have a contract number.

If there was no reason to be suspicious before, there is now. Can’t say I’m surprised, though.

The good news is that the net is quickly closing around this clown. The gig is up. As Einstein once said, “you can run, but you can’t hide!”

Or was it Thomas Jefferson? I never know.

  1. My son was contacted repeatedly by these jerks, Automotive Warranty Solutions, 6501 Congress Ave, Boca Raton, FL, 800 376-5688. My son is 19 and in college, the car he drives is in MY name, but they talked him into giving them his Visa credit card number. He told me what happened and that he had called them back to cancel it several times, but the jerk he talked to, Reverend (right) Anthony J. Gaston (this name is on the letterhead of the confirmation letter they sent to my son. I finally got ahold of the Reverend and told him to cancel it. He said I could call and talk to David Cooper at extension 1656 the following day. I left a message for David, and when we spoke he was like something out of a cartoon. I called back and asked to speak to someone in charge and the “Receptionist” told me I has already spoken to HIM. DON’T FALL FOR IT!

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