in MT.Net


Its been a busy weekend here at MT.Net. I’ve been cleaning up the MT.Net webhost after some script kiddies went wild with an exploit. I have a hunch the kiddies attacked an exploit in the Bad Behavior plugin, as the only blogs on my site that were running the BB plugin were the only ones that got pwned. There was a time when the BB plugin started acting funky and needed an upgrade, and it BB would be an obvious target for the bad guys. Fortunately I had copious backups. (I find it interesting that the BB website is offline at the moment.)

If y’all see anything out of place, give me a holla. Its possible I missed something.

  1. Backups are good! BTW, if you don’t know about the WordPress Database Backup plugin, you should take a look at it. I’ve got it configured to do a scheduled backup every week and e-mail it to my google mail account. Scheduled backup & offsite storage all in one! 🙂

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