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Graffiti hotline

I’m probably one of the top callers to Raleigh’s Graffiti Hotline, the number to call when graffiti is spotted anywhere in the city. In fact, I’m on a first-name basis with them! After walking by a clean spot Monday that 24 hours earlier had spray paint on it, I felt I had to let someone know what a great job Raleigh’s Street Maintenance division has been doing to keep the city clean.

Below is my email to the division’s director, Elwood Davis, which cc’d city officials:

Mr. Davis,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the service provided by Raleigh’s Street Maintenance Division in the removal of graffiti. I am a long-time caller to the “Graffiti Hotline” and am continually impressed by the courteous service and prompt removal which results without fail. You and your team do an outstanding job!

Thanks for making our beautiful city that much more beautiful by keeping graffiti at bay. It is greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,

Mark Turner
East CAC chair

You gotta pat people on the back when they a good job, and Raleigh’s graffiti removal team has been phenomenal.