in Check It Out

Hot-air ballooning this weekend!

No, I’m not going up in a hot-air balloon this weekend, but I’m going to be there at the launch of two balloons Saturday evening. Local balloonist Jonathan Trappe, famous for his “Chairway to Heaven” flight last month, will be launching his one-man hot air balloon Saturday evening, weather permitting. Jonathan’s ballooning pal will be launching his traditional gondola hot-air balloon at the same time.

This will be my first exposure to hot-air ballooning and I’m really excited about it. If you’ve got no plans Saturday evening, drop a comment here (or email me) and I’ll tell you how to get to our meeting place in North Raleigh. While you won’t get to ride, it should be fun just to watch the launch.

Hmm. Already I’m wondering what it might take to make this a new hobby. Must … resist … new …. hobby …