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City colors

Yesterday’s post on the Raleigh Philosophical Society blog promotes the idea of putting City of Raleigh flags everywhere. It says that in a survey of 150 city flags, Raleigh’s ranked 56th. While that may sound good, the NAVA group which conducted the (unscientific) survey pointed out that two-thirds of city flags got 5 points or below on a scale from one to ten. Raleigh earned 4.48: middle of the road.

The post reminded me of my issues with Raleigh’s city flag, namely its ugly as sin. I would have personally ranked it lower than it was. As NAVA points out in Good Flag, Bad Flag, city seals shouldn’t appear on a flag. Nor should writing. Raleigh should rid both from its flag, in my opinion.

I think the city should redesign its flag, taking these issues into consideration. A well-designed, attractive flag would help the city forge a similar identity.

  1. Up until a little bit ago, I think the Raleigh city flag should have been the one way street sign. It captured the character of the city perfectly. Only time will tell what the new symbol will be.

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